Google’s merging of Google+ comments with YouTube makes a lot of sense for Google, and it’s users. Google is merging all of it’s services finally under one account. This means you won’t have to sign into multiple Google services such as YouTube, Gmail, Drive(docs), and the rest of it’s services. Google+ is Google’s bet against Facebook and Twitter. The new comment system is much more advanced than YouTube’s old comment system. By merging G+ comments, YouTube automatically shares comments and videos to Google+. Essentially forcing it’s users to use Google+, and making the social network much more active.

Google+ comments give YouTuber’s much more control of their comments section. Words can be blacklisted for review, users can be banned, and people can be +Frankiezzy notified in comments such as “@Frankiezzy” on Twitter. The quick notification drop down allows users to check both their YouTube comments and G+ notification on the Google+. This will increase the social activity on Google+ and YouTube by tons, and maybe even take a large chunk of social users from Facebook or Twitter.

I find myself using Google+ a lot more now that it’s integrated into YouTube. I don’t see any problems with the merge. It’s interesting that so many “old school” YouTubers are so upset about it, saying they were the reason YouTube is so successful. YouTube is the reason why “YouTubers” are so successful too. No one had a problem when Google bought YouTube, and merged Google services such as Adsense with the platform. Google makes sure all of it’s services are tested and studied thoroughly before making decisions on changes. Even the colors of links on Google are A /B tested. A lot of YouTubers are only thinking of their self, and not the big picture. Google is forcing a social network, that will ultimately help expand audiences of YouTubers, and with it more success for both Google and YouTube users.