One of the greatest RPG games of all time, and Kanye would agree… was Ultima VII. This game was created by Origin / EA back in 1992. I spent hours playing it as a child because it was so amazing and addictive. I remember using a a few floppy discs to install the game, it’s apparently only a 30mb download. It was the original Skyrim, you could cast spells, poison people, run around in a open world, and kill whatever you wanted with swords or crossbows. You are supposed to follow missions in the game, but running around in an open world, doing your own thing back in 1992 was so much fun. No game had the kind of freedom that Ultima 7 had. ultima-1

Oh ya you could even buy a ship and travel around in it!


You could get people to follow you, like that weird little kid and a bum guy that helped you out.


You had backpack with inventory, and got to wear different armor and could steal random stuff.


This is what it looked like when your guy raged and killed villagers, you’d have to hide and do this stuff undetected or guards with come after you.

This game provided the building blocks of modern RPG games such as Skyrim. They’re very similar ideas, and game play. Obviously game graphics have greatly improved but this game was one of the first RPG’s that had this type of story line and freedom in game. I randomly found this game again, and it’s available for $6 bucks  – http://www.gog.com/game/ultima_7_complete

I wish this game was available on Android, i’m not sure if it’s available on iOS but it should be EA… It should be.